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Welcome to Kates Dresses

An online website for Bridesmaid gowns to suit every shape and size. My gowns allow fashion and beauty to come together for the most comfortable and satisfying experience for the bride and her maids. Finding the perfect gown to suit tall maids, short maids, different body shape and size maids can be daunting for brides- never mind throwing a child size gown into the mix or even a pregnant maid!! My gowns are the well-rounded mix for a bride who likes simplicity with a touch of class and elegance.
We all pressure ourselves to tone up or loose weight for the big day as we want to look our best- but in reality this isn’t always easy and takes a lot of determination. However as my gowns are elasticated waist there is room for weight loss and weight gain and the dress will still fit….. even if you become pregnant!! Happy bride!!
I try to keep the cost down for brides as much as possible as we all know weddings cost a fortune. This is best bit- Our one size gowns (size 6-24) come with an elasticated waist so the dress will simply mould to each bridesmaid body shape allowing the dress to fit perfectly to each person. I also offer x4 lengths so no alterations are needed. (Please follow the guide of how to measure under each product in the shop)

I have a unique dress suite based in Birmingham near the NEC where I meet with brides and her maids and we have a tutorial appointment. On the day we will go through all the different ways my gowns can be wrapped, I WILL find the perfect style for all your maids and the girls get the chance to learn how to wrap themselves. This is so much fun and it gets all the girls together for a giggle and maybe a cheeky glass of Prosecco afterwards to celebrate. While you’re here you will have full access to my dress suite with 1:1 tutorials from myself. Please note I get booked up on weekends very quickly so book in advance via contact me/facebook/email if you would like to come along. If you cant get to me due to distance- don’t panic!! I can post your gowns right to your door step and there are plenty of tutorials online to help with your wrapping step by step. I simply just ask for 28days to make and post your gowns.
I look forward to working with you.
Many Thanks
Katie xx